These days need to pass!!


So little update...I had some brown bleeding on Jan 10th.

Some people said it was ovulation bleeding which is good...well it disappeared right after my bath and when I ovulate I get lots of CM. This time I didn’t...few days later I did...not much but some so we DTD and I had some pink spotting after and it lasted a few hours then gone. This was Jan 12th...nothing since. Now I’m having watery and slimy mix..which after I ovulate I’m dry before AF starts. Not due for AF till Jan 23rd. I also had really bad back pain and a weird taste which is still there but the pain is gone....this is completely abnormal to me and I have other children but every one is different. I can’t test till the 22nd maybe if she don’t show up lol. Just anyone else dealing with ALL this to not be pregnant in the end...ugh 😔 I’m a very healthy woman btw other than weird cycles...I’d say I’m irregular. I try to track ovulation but I don’t want the stress I want to try natural. I did start taking Fertilaid. Extra vitamins never hurt. Any advice would be awesome! I hope I’m pregnant and this isn’t something else 🤨 thanks ladies!!! Also stories before your BFP to inspire me. Baby dust to all of you beautiful ladies!!!!!