Please please be a sticky bean!

Kelley ā€¢ Thankful for my amazing little family. Pregnant with our second! Hopeful for a healthy pregnancy. ā¤ļø

We have been trying for our second for 11 months. In that time we've had 3 losses. Two chemicals and one miscarriage. I got my faint positive at 9dpo. I didn't let myself get too excited. I even contemplated not telling my husband. But he could tell something was up. I pushed through my fear and just said "hun, I'm pregnant." He is so excited. I'm still having a really hard time even letting myself believe this one could be it. I'm now 12dpo and my period is expected to show tomorrow. I've got a good like progression going on cheapo internet tests and I'm waiting to take a good test tomorrow. I'm 99% sure I am pregnant. Boobs are achy, the nausea is real, boobs are itchy (same with my first born), bbt has remained high, and I can't forget the positive test. I'm trying so hard to be hopeful and excited but I'm afraid to let myself get excited as well. The losses make it so hard! Here's to hoping and praying this one is sticky! It's all in God's hands now!