Breastfeeding rant (LONG)

Just wondering if anyone else is going through this: While I was pregnant I was adamant to breastfeed. I talked it over with my spouse and begged for his support. (I had Gestational Diabetes, LO was predicted to be 10lb+ at term and I was terrified I’d have a c-section which would impact my supply). LO came at 35 weeks so I had him naturally and my supply has been great for him. Anyways!!!! So, I pump regularly bc LO cannot handle the flow due to his prematurity. (Which has provided us with a decent freezer stash.) He’s getting there but still struggles if I’m overly full. My spouse will not help at all. He knows we are transitioning to bottles bc I will return to work full time in March. He never offers to give him a bottle. He won’t try to console him when he’s crying bc he says “I can’t do anything for him” My spouse is so wrapped up in the fact that LO eats from my boobs that he won’t help at all!!! Just today, I took our eldest to her preschool class (toted the baby with me bc I couldn’t get spouse awake....totally different story). I came home with breakfast for my spouse. The baby is hungry and crying. I can’t carry the car seat and the food into the house at the same time. I carry the baby in (he’s fussy). I go back to the car to get spouses food come back into the house. The baby is screaming in his seat and my spouse is lying on the couch talking to one of his “buddies” on the phone!!! I say out loud “seriously?!” I get the baby out and begin to feed him. He continues with his phone conversation. He has the audacity to come ask me why I’m mad. I calmly say, “it’s a little aggravating that you can’t even get him out of the car seat.” He replied, “I can’t help him” and walks off. Are men that stupid? Do I have to paint the picture in black and white every single time? He could have offered to give him a bottle??? Changed his diaper so he’d be more ready to eat?? I’m 10wks PP this Wednesday and I feel like I’ve been doing it all on my own all because I wanted to breastfeed my baby. I will give credit where credit is due, spouse does help with our eldest more now that the baby is here. I guess I shouldn’t expect him to help with the baby since he helps with the toddler? (That’s spouses philosophy). I love both my children but I’m a frustrated momma of 2 bc of spouse!!!