bummed out ☹️ help?


so supposed ovu was the 31st of Dec. a few days ago at 10 & 11 dpo i had some bleeding. but it wasn’t my normal AF, also felt like it was “too much” for implantation bleeding. the blood was bright pink, i didn’t need a pad or tampon it was only when i wiped. 1st day it only happened once & the second day it happened about 2 times. so today at 14dpo is when i’m supposed to get my period. normally i would’ve already been bleeding by now but it’s only a little bit of light pink blood when i wipe. lighter than what i got at 10&11dpo & A LOT less. could i have ovulated later than expected and what i’m having now is IB? i’m so confused and don’t exactly want to waste money on testing if it’s just going to be a BFN.