Signs that labor is near, experience??


I know this is a generalized question as each labor and pregnancy can be different. I just figured I’d ask for shits and giggles. I’m a second time mom, 37 weeks. My baby has dropped and is head down and in the perfect labor position as per my doctor, last week I was 2cm dilated, but not really effaced at all. Wasn’t checked this week but next week I will be. I’ve had thicker discharge and more of it. Undies feel like I peed almost but not leaking fluid. Baby has decreased his movements (this has been checked and baby is ok) I’ve actually lost a lb since last week. Went thru nesting already. No contractions but frequent Braxton Hicks. I know you can be in “early labor” for weeks and dilated just as long. With my first I didn’t start to dilate until 39 weeks and then I was only just getting to a 2. This baby has given me a lot of pain and minor problems and scares, so I’m just curious how the second time went for everyone bc I’m ready to pop this baby out!