Baby was supposed to be measuring at 13 weeks and 4 days but baby stopped growing at 8 weeks so unfortunately they said it's a missed miscarriage. I started bleeding Saturday and it was like implantation bleeding and then by Sunday it was more but still very light. By Sunday night I was having bleeding and cramping. By this morning the blood was to where I had to put a pantyliner on and the cramps were severe like period cramps. Doc is waiting for the baby to pass through and if not they want to give me some pills to help the process along. Never been through a miscarriage. I already have 3 children and this is my first miscarriage unfortunately. My husband and I are definitely emotional but unfortunately it was showed to me in a dream 2 days prior to bleeding starting. But those who are pregnant I'm praying that God continues to bless your pregnancies and I'm praying those babies stick 🙏🏽