Starting this journey.

Last year was the worst year for me. I lost two baby’s. They weren’t planned pregnancies, but losing them felt like I lost everything. It still does. I loved them the first moment I knew they were there. Even before that, I love them still and always will. Last night, my bf confessed he wants another baby. He feels empty just as I do, we both long to be whole again. So we’re starting the journey to ttc another baby(I say another because I’m always going to count the two baby’s that I lost). With that being said, I’m Praying for all of you, praying for peace, for siblings for angels, for first time babys, for healthy pregnancies, for healthy births, for consistent caring doctors, for positive tests, for swooshing heartbeats, for kicking baby feet, for belly waves, for growing bellies, for smiles on the monitor, for gender reveals, for baby showers, for birthdays to come. I pray for happiness, comfort, and relief to wash over as you hear your baby’s cry . I pray for long nights spent with a baby, for smiles, and diaper changes. I pray for giggles and cry’s, and everything there is that comes with a baby. I pray that this year will be the year all the longing mothers will be blessed with healthy beautiful baby’s. Good luck to all of you, I’m not only praying for myself and my bf, but for all of you as well. Happy baby dancing and baby dust to all💕