Yogurt problems 😭

Pen • 8/17 🌈👧🏼 | 11/19 🌈👦🏼| 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I’m so annoyed. For a long time we were giving my daughter the Happy Tot brand yogurt pouches, which were flavored with fruit and vegetables but didn’t have any added sweetener which I loved. Then eventually all the stores near us stopped stocking them. So we started giving stonyfield kids whole milk yogurt and sometimes chobani tots if we could find it, both of which add sugar. I recently started making yogurt in my instant pot and was psyched to give my daughter unsweetened yogurts again (we have a thing that we can use to fill our own pouches and everything so it was perfect) and she doesn’t want them! It seems like she expects her yogurts to be sweet now. Grr! Why do they put sugar in kids’ foods? It’s bad enough we all get addicted to it eventually, can we at least give them a few years where it’s not in literally everything? And it’s not like I’m super sugar avoidant but you expect it in ice cream and stuff, it doesn’t need to be in baby yogurt.