How would you ladies feel?😕 what would you do?

So me and my bf have been together for 8 months, we’re 20&21 not that it matters to me but he’s also Arabic(Muslim) and I’m bi racial(black and white)

He never brought me home to his parents because he was scared of judgment on what they may think of me(so I thought because I was not Muslim yet*im thinking about converting for 2 years but I’m not 100% sure yet*)

I bought him home during our 5/6 month we were both new to dating so we don’t know how it goes we just went with our flow of things

Anyways this morning his mom asked him about me she’s been hunting the whole time about it but never out and out asked so he told her that we were together and that I was thinking of converting. Then she asked my race... she kind of looked disappointed so he thought because I wasn’t Muslim but then told him that he can’t tell his sister he’s dating a a black girl because under no circumstances does she want her getting with a black man and that all her friends are already black so to not tell her about me.

Now his entire tone and everything has changed towards me he sounds so depressed and like he doesnt want to talk to me and I didn’t do anything wrong😕 he had the nerve to say to me that he understands that my complexion is on the lighter side but what if our future children take on my father’s genes(he’s dark skin) and I literally want to choke him through the FaceTime call and he sees nothing wrong with it at all for him to say he doesn’t want our kid to look different than the rest of my family and it hurt me so bad then he told me he needed time to get out of this bad mood and he would call me later but I can’t help feel so lost and unloved

What should I do?

What would you do if you were in that situation?