Went in for my 37 week check and am now being induced! My blood pressure was too high.

Update -1pm. They put the balloon in my cervix and HOLY is it uncomfortable.

4pm- The horrid balloon worked it's way out. And with it, blood and mucous and what-not. Contracting about every 4 minutes. My blood pressure has reduced.

Cervix is almost 4cm! They've decided to forego the second dose of cytotec. Apparently I'm making more progress than expected.

11pm- Pitocin started

Day 2

6 am- Pitocin stopped- no progress even with an 18 in dosage!

Started 3 hour dosage at 5 doses of cytotec

5:30pm- Cervidil started

10pm- "Sleeping pill" taken

Day 3

3am- contractions so intense I couldn't sleep! Water broke, and active labor began!

4am- epidural administered

5:45 am- Dilated to a 9 with constant pressure. Pushed for 15 minutes and our little one arrived💙💙