Could he be cheating?

I went on hubbys Facebook page to search for something he asked me to. I noticed daily sometimes multiple times a day he was searching this one girl on his Facebook page over the course of the last 12 days.

I asked who is she?

He said twice “I don’t know”

Than said it was cousins friend

So I dropped but decided to look at this girls page again and she is NOT friends with his cousin or his cousins hubby

So I brought it up again he got upset and got in my face and asked

You think I wanna fuck her don’t you?

I said it’s weird she’s not friends with your cousin but they’re not friends on Facebook

Plus I looked because you said twice you didn’t know who she was

So he went into a rant that I was saying he was a liar and blah blah blah

Checked his page this morning and he specifics deleted her from his search history on Facebook no other searches just her....

I’m confused

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