Advice on Toddler Tantrums

Treasure • Mother to Greyson 💙Aug 2 17 and Gabriel 10 26 19 💙

Long Post: My son is 17 months old, he'll be 2 in August. He's beginning to get upset and throw tantrums sometimes and when this happens I'll tell him to look at me and tell him what we're going to do like if he throws a fit when I put him in the carseat I'll say look at mama then tell him now We're going to put your seatbelt on so we can go bye bye and I'll hand him his sippy. Usually doing something like this works to calm him.

We go to my So's house, his fathers, and he seems to think that Every time we're doing something or we're out somewhere and the Baby gets upset that it's because He's throwing a fit because he isn't getting his way. We've argued several times because he wants to pop the Baby in the mouth or spank him but I won't let him because I want to find a different way to teach him. My So will say I'm not letting him be a father or discipline our son and that I let the Baby walk all over me and get away with everything. He thinks it's what he should do because that's how his parents did with him and he says it was effective. His parents also say that he should do things like that to teach the Baby that it isn't ok.

It bothers me because I feel like everything I do with our Son when we go around his dad's family is judged like I don't know what I'm doing or that I'm doing it wrong because it's different from what they want to do.

My grandma told me to let him have the fit and soon he'll calm down on his own.

If anyone has any advice on different methods we could use to help teach him not to throw fits like this and/or ways I could explain to my So when the Baby really is throwing a tantrum instead of it being something else and how to handle it without spanking or popping him in the mouth, it would be greatly appreciated.