So this past Friday I had a crazy busy day in work and was running around in and out of meetings all day. During one meeting I felt what I believe was my first actual contraction. It wasn’t BH because I’ve had them and it was definitely different and painful.

So today (Monday) I had another contraction and it was WAY more intense & lasted about a minute long. I called me doctor right away and she said time them and if I get any more it’s probably best to come in or go to the hospital. So that was about an hour ago and I haven’t gotten another contraction but now I’m getting BH and have a terrible headache. No difference in discharge or blood or anything like that. Should I be worried or waste a trip into the hospital? I’m going to wait it out some more it’s only been an hour but any advice on when I should start worrying? Should I look out for anything else?? FTM so I’m not sure if I’m being overly cautious or if this is all normal at 30 weeks. Any help would be appreciated!! Also, baby is still moving around like crazy slo no change in movement. :)