Feeling hurt 😞

Nichelle • #mommieboss #babyM2020👣👼🏽💙 ✨ #mindsetmatters

I just told my friend of 10+ years that I’m ttc. Here’s a little back story. Me and my husband has been trying for 4mnths. I’ve told family and friends were trying but no one knows how long we have been trying. So today I decided to open up to one of my closest friends and well as you see the title, that didn’t go well. She has a son but she basically been avoiding having another so I know where she stand as far as having another at this moment. However I didn’t expect her to basically tell me I’m doing too much. She told me I need to stop trying to control something I can’t. I get it. I asked her for her help so basically I have to deal with her opinion/suggestion. She didn’t ask how I was doing, how long have we been trying, heck am I ok, NOTHING! I instantly felt upset with her response. She wasnt emphatic at all 😞. I’m trying to stop tracking but we all know it’s not that simple, well to her it is. Ok I’m done venting, good luck everyone.