We frickin did it!!!

Arielle • Finally got our 🌈! Mommy 9/15/19, MC 4/22/18. Pcos, Endometriosis fighter. Two Fur babies 🐶 Always keep your head up 💙

Hell yeah!! I'm in so much shock right now....

Pcos, endometriosis, I have a large cyst on my left ovary that last Thursday the doc said he suggested we do surgery to remove the ovary (it's been an ongoing problem for a while)

I had given up hope of getting pregnant. Its not the ideal time right now (because of the cyst I'm a little nervous, doc is out today so I'll talk to him about it tomorrow)

But low and behold it happened spontaneously and is the strongest line I've ever had. Af was due tomorrow. Didnt have as dark a line with my mc last year.

I've been crying all day 😍😍😭😭

Absolutely no idea when I ovulated. My fellow warriors... we CAN do it! Eventually :)