Painful skin during periods


I have always had issues with my periods. For YEARS I would throw up and pass out on my start day every month. I was told that was a vagus nerve reaction and the only thing they could do for me was prescribe Vicodin once a month.

Since I had my son in july 2016, i havent been passing out anymore when i start, but I do have extreme pain that makes my hips pop and makes it hard to function.

Ive recently been experiencing the skin on my legs feeling like they are burnt while I am having cramps. Today is day two of my period. I can feel muscle cramping on the tops of my thighs, and down the sides of my legs; but the skin on the inside of my thighs and the skin around my ankles feels like i have burns or a bunch of tiny papercuts when it rubs against anything. Is this normal? Is there someone who has experienced this in here? Why do i have so many issues surrounding my period that no doctor has an answer for?