Should I be worried?

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This is the second time my son’s skin has looked like this after eating. The first time was when he ate cinnamon applesauce and the second was after eating hummus (no cinnamon in the hummus, but paprika). Should I get it checked out? It starts to fade after a few hours and is gone the next day. No fever or vomiting or difficulty breathing, just red skin. I should add, I had very sensitive skin as a child. I wasn’t allergic to anything but if I ate super processed food or used certain conditioner I would get red marks (not hives, but similar) all over my face. If it is sensitive skin I feel sorry for him but I’m not as worried if it’s that.

This first one was tonight, Immediately after eating hummus.

This one is a month or two ago, an hour or two after eating cinnamon applesauce. everywhere you see a red spot is where applesauce was on his face.