He never leaves his phone / update

Recently I noticed some red flags with my boyfriend. A few months ago I found a screenshot from Snapchat saved in his photo album. The girl was In like booty shorts and a bra but supposedly he saved it to get a better look of her face... it was a girl his friend liked.... then I noticed he follows tons of girls on his IG and there’s female post pictures showing off their body. He is always online when he’s at work but supposedly he doesn’t have IG on his phone, though he says he doesn’t use it anymore... who is 🙄.

Today , not unusual tho, he takes his phone everywhere! To the bathroom, when he showers.. who uses their phone while showering?.... when he goes outside for a “quick sec” to grab something from the car. Any possible reason he can have. Also he hates when I use his phone, I only go on it when he’s driving and I need to look at maps to give directions or to call someone. I never snoop because I respect him but sometimes I just want to know if he’s talking to someone else is that so bad to feel like this 😫😫


hey, so i honestly felt wrong for just snooping so.. when he was next to me on his phone I said “hey let me some of our pictures” (on his phone) and his phone was at 5% so he tried to use that as an excuse. but I was like nah like let’s look at them till it dies. He can always charge it, I mean we were at home. anyhoo we looked through and the only woman or anything odd I saw was me, or us being goof balls. weird thing though, he just seems to hate when I hold his phone. I can’t even calming send myself pictures from his phone. He would say “put it to favorites and I’ll do it later “ then takes it back. it’s like he doesn’t trust me with it, like I’ll see something I’m not suppose to. I don’t know how to talk to him about it because he just acts innocent. I. Don’t. Know. Mann. Never felt like I had trust issues till now