Low lying placenta


I went for my anatomy scan today at 19w4d and everything looks great with the baby. We are having a girl and she looks to be perfectly healthy which is all that we want and are hoping for.

I had to empty my bladder twice because it was too full and when I emptied partially the first time then completely the second time she noticed that my placenta is low lying. She asked if I had had any bleeding at all and I told her no so she didn't seem that concerned but she is going to have the dr call me tomorrow to schedule another scan.

Typically I was told that this would be the last scan but she wants to make sure my placenta is rising and not covering my uterus. She told ms she didn't think I should be alarmed but she just wanted to make sure.

I will receive a call tomorrow telling me when I should go back in. They weren't to concerned about it but I've been googling and now I'm worried.

Has anyone had a low lying placenta at 19 weeks and by their next scan it moved up? I know there's not much I can do but sit, relax and wait but I have just had serious health scare after serious health scare with this pregnancy.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replied.