I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen for us


So April 26th, 2018 we got my tubes untied, after being tied for just over 10 years. We’ve been actively trying since July. We tried preseed this month, but my husband did one of those at home sperm check tests, and it showed a low count 😫😔😭 talked to his Dr and he suggested basically going vegan, and cutting out refined sugars, and a few other things. So we’re starting the new diet tomorrow. Dr said he should have an increase in just a couple weeks!! So we’re keeping our fingers crossed!! He will be going to a urologist to get a count done through a lab as well. I know that we haven’t been trying as long as some couples, and I truly feel your heartbreak every time you talk about it! I just don’t understand why it’s so hard?! It seems like when you want something so bad, it’s almost impossible. 😭 anyways, thank you for letting me rant, baby dust to us all!! 👌🏻