To the moms having baby #2


I hear this a lot from mom pregnant with baby #2, what if I can’t love this baby as much as I do my first one? Well, I’m here to tell you, you will. Depending on how old your first child is you will ALWAYS have a different bond with them but your love for your kids is no greater, or less, then the other!

I went through a massive depression with my baby #2. I didn’t know how I could possibly love another baby the way I did my first. Then I saw him on that ultrasound, he gave the ultrasound tech a thumbs up while grabbing his boy parts because she had just said she was thinking he was a girl, he was hiding his “turtle”.

Here’s the truth, you’re gonna be a mom of 2, you’re going to have to break up fights, you’re going to have to pick sides every so often whether you want to or not, but your love for that child, it’s gonna be the same as your first...

Just watch.

(I have the picture of the actual ultrasound but it’s put in a safe spot so I’ll have to post it tomorrow!)

Yes, I was crying. I had never spent a night away from her and I was SO happy to see her.