Did my bf rape me?

Hello, I need some advice

My bf and I have a lot of sex. I believe my bf could possibly be a sex addict but that’s a different story. Anyways, we pretty much have sex everyday mutiple times out of the day . He has even mentioned trying to have sex while on my period but I always say no! And he always says something along the lines of “it’s just blood I don’t care” and I always tell him ,”well I do” .. he usually proceeds to say after that “well maybe one day”. Well anyways last week my vagina was really sore from all the sex( he’s very big in size and sometimes kinda selfish in bed and doesn’t really do foreplay as long as he should) Which sometimes can result in soreness . Anyways, my vagina was super sore and I told him that i needed a break from having sex for at least a week because Im literally in pain . He said okay. Anyways, literally 2 days later while in bed facing my back towards him,he proceeded to try and touch my vagina and I pulled away and said it hurt still. He then whined and said “babeeee I want sex” so I told him that it was hurting still . He left me alone and about 20 min later he started to try and rub my vagina again . Once again I told him it was hurting . So I turned to face him. Next thing I kno he’s literal prying my legs open and I’m literally pushing him off ... pretty much fighting him and telling him that my vagina hurts. He then goes “ what are u doing why are u fighting me I’m trying to make it feel better“ at this point I’m feeling kinda weird. So I turn my back hoping he would stop. Next thing I know he puts his fingers in my vagina. It hurt so bad but I felt at this point to just let him do it bc he wouldn’t leave me alone. He then put his penis inside me as I laid there in silence and pain as to how this could be happening. Once he finished I went to the bathroom and cried. Came back and laid down back turned from him. He tried to scoot near me to cuddle but I scooted away from him . He then got upset and asked what was wrong w me? I said nothing then he proceeded to say WTF why don’t u wanna be near me what’s wrong with u? Why are u acting weird. I finally told him I didn’t like what he did and he was like I was just trying to make it feel better. I forgave him and I’ve been ok I guess kinda put the incident in the back of my head. I feel weird like initially after it happend I was upset . But I’m not sad or anything . I’m more so questioning if I was raped