I feel guilty about not adopting

I got a puppy recently. I feel so guilty about not adopting through a shelter!

I have three dogs. One was rescued and she has a lot of problems. I rescued her when she was 1 so she is pretty set in her ways and she’s 5 now. Because of her past abuse she has bitten me and my boyfriend before (trying to get away). She is otherwise a good dog unless she gets scared. Me and her went through an abusive relationship together so I guess she went through two abusive homes.

After that I swore to never buy a dog.

Well, my boyfriend will not get a dog that is older (even though I don’t mind getting older dogs) because his dog and our other dog, are great, they don’t run away, listen, no aggression. So my coworker had an accidental litter and we paid the rejoining fee and got a puppy. But now I feel so guilty!! I can’t stop feeling this way, I can’t take the puppy back because who knows what will happen to it. They 100% weren’t breeding for profit so at first I didn’t feel guilty but now I do. The puppies were living outside at 7 weeks which they should not have been but they didn’t seem abused. I just know what it’s like to be abused and I always wanted to save a dog that felt like they had no hope. Now I feel terrible and I can’t stop.

(For anyone who says we have to many dogs or whatever, we own 10 acres of land, they get 3 mile bike rides/walks depending on how I feel a day, and they get dropped off at my moms house everyday to play with her dogs, like day care. They are treated well and don’t lack attention)