Open applications!

Lex • 30 and TTC

Looking for a fitness BFF that can FaceTime or Skype or Facebook message but like talk voice to voice, and face to face. I know I’m not going to be able to find anyone around where I live. So an Internet buddy it is! Would like to find someone similar in age but I’m fine with 18-40. I’m 5’ 3” 240# and my ultimate goal is 140#. But my for now goal is 199# we can talk about anything you want while we work out. It would be cool if we went for walks and showed our world to each other. I’m a geeky girl that likes to play video games I read and I have 3 cats and a fiance. I’m going through the last of my cancer treatments that require a lot of hospital visits but I want to start working out now. I want a friend that I can connect with and we can both try to get healthy. My only things that I find I should put outright is I am LGBTQ+ and I support them. I’m not a dem or a rep but I do lean towards the dems more than the reps. Just so conversations can be kind of like minded. Please let me know if this interests you!