No more kids..

Kimberly • Mommy to a little princess ❤️

So yesterday my fiancé and I had a heart to heart conversation we both balled our eyes out.. We were talking about his day at work and he told me that he talked to his co worker who is a soon to be dad. He asked what my birth was like and what his experience was as a first time dad. So he’s telling him everything from start to finish. And I’m listening to him and I start to cry because I during the c section they told him I would need a blood transfusion as my body was already loosing too much blood. (I was already unconscious) I don’t remember much from that day parts are a blur but I remember dreaming about it and in my dreams I died ☹️. So as we were both crying and talking he asked me if I wanted another child and I said I’m honestly scared, I don’t know what will happen next time I literally almost died having bear (our daughter) and he said “baby I wouldn’t wanna loose you I’m totally okay with only 1 child, my life is complete with my 2 girls” and I cried even more. I told him we could try for another one later on in life, when bear starts asking for a sibling I am getting my IUD because we really don’t want another kid not now maybe not even in the future.

We told both our parents about what we decided and they were surprisingly okay we expected them to be total Debby downers. I talked to my best friend and she wasn’t as supportive as I would of wanted her to be, but whatever.