He's hot 'n he's cold .. Lol

Ive been seeing this man for around 9 months now. Early in the relationship I got pregnant and we lost the baby. It was hard but since it was so early we said it was probably for the best.

It caused a little problems- due to his lack of empathy and understanding of the physical pain I was going threw. But it wouldnt be the first time a dude thought I was being over dramatic about the pain women experience lol.

Recently ( end of december ) he called it quits and moved out of my place ... Which was fine with me I felt we did better living apart.

Nothing has changed .. He still calls me babe. Tells me he loves me. And comes around often.

He even still cums in me...

Now. The problem with that LAST part is- he repeatedly states he isnt ready for a child and doesnt need that stress right now. That being said - if I were to get pregnant he would expect an abortion- or he would ultimately not be with me. I know I'm the dumb b*t** that lets him cum in me but honest to god this was someome I loved and still love and would absolutley love to have a family with. It hurts to imagine hes just using me ... And at times it doesnt feel like he is. It feels so genuine.. But when he regularly busts in me im confused as to why hed be upset if I turned up pregnant.

Answers ? Suggestions ?

Birth control isnt an option. Believe me ive tried them all and my body rejects it . literally whatever the fuck it is. So im tracking via cycle. I started tracking my period and cycle after my miscarriage.