February baby turned January baby!


Well baby girl will be arriving soon!

Yesterday morning I went in for my 34 week (was really 33+6) checkup and discovered my blood pressure had been high and they found protein in my urine. Not having any history of this prior other then family history I was a little shocked. They then sent me other to the hospital for more labs and an official diagnosis. I am preeclamptic! I felt fine other then a slight headache that I though was more sinuses. By my mom had severe preeclampsia with all 3 of her pregnancies. Making me born a just over 34 weeks. And my little brother was born at 29 weeks. My sister was the only one that made it to “term” at 38 weeks.

So I get the diagnosis at the hospital and they tell me they want to deliver but need to wait until I’m 34 weeks. One day away... but because my hospital doesn’t have a NICU they were going to transfer me downtown to the main hospital. What a whirlwind of a day... on top of all that, he only thing I’ve eaten since about 8:30 am yesterday was a fruit and nut bar... having full intentions on having a full breakfast after my appointment. 😩 and they won’t let me eat until after delivery...

My husband meets me at the main hospital and after more bloodwork and steroids for baby girls lungs they officially began inducing at midnight last night. They decided to use the balloon thing to not stress baby because she was sleepy from the magnesium drip I’ve been on. Well at 9 am I had t removed and I’m roughly 3-4 cm. They’ve upped my pitocin and will be breaking my water in a few hours if all goes well....

Here she comes! Ready or not!

They will be taking her straight to NICU but I’m confident she will be just fine. Especially since my mom had my at 34 weeks... and that was 28 years ago!

Miss Thea Elena is here! Born at 1:08 this morning. 5lbs 8oz and 18.5 in long! She's doing great! And moms feeling fine too. ❤️😍😍❤️ so in love. Hoping she will be coming home within a week or so!