How to announce and How to handle my SO's mother.

Trying to decide if I should bluntly tell friends and family that I'm pregnant or if I should tell them in a cute way. I'm 18, my SO is 20. I know the news will be hard and by no means am I trying to say that teen pregnancy is okay, but I feel like telling them in a creative way will take some of the weight off; off of them and my SO and I.

My boyfriend's mother has also angrily stated that she does not want grandchildren and she would "absolutely die" if she ever has them. I told my boyfriend that I refuse to be around her if she is incredibly rude once we announce. I mean if someone doesn't respect me, I don't have to respect them either right?? I do understand that is his mother. And I will be civil with her, but I have a right to not want to be around her if she's mean to me right?

**RUDE COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED. I UNDERSTAND THAT TEEN PREGNANCY IS NOT IDEAL. I do not need you to tell me that or be rude about it.