Did you know your cervix can close again?

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I sure didn’t.

Last week at my 39 week appointment I was told FINALLY I was progressing. I was at a 2, Leo was engaged, and things were looking good. Just in case, my doctor scheduled an induction for a week from then (tomorrow) as they don’t allow you to go too far past 40 weeks at their practice. Before I left he assured me I wouldn’t make it through the weekend, let alone to the induction, because baby and my body were showing all the signs of being ready.

Joke was on all of us.

I went back to my last appointment today to see if there was any further progress before I go in tomorrow night and guess what?? My cervix is CLOSED again and has moved higher. He said he rarely sees this but it can happen. My cervix has regressed. He said it can be due to bubba changing position or something equally as simple. I’ve walked miles per day, I’ve used EPO, I’ve had sex, I’ve eaten so much pineapple my tongue is bleeding. Nothing worked.

I’m frustrated knowing that more than likely I’ll end up with a C-section on Thursday morning when my goal was to go as naturally as possible. He said cervadil/cytotec rarely work on a cervix as high and closed as mine. They’re still willing to try for 12 hours then they’re sending me to the OR for surgery. Sometimes life is funny like that. 😔

If any of you mamas have any words of advice as far as a C-section goes please share. I’m very nervous about the postpartum experience with a C-section.