Mom won’t be a mom

So my sister Hannah just got a job at Chick-fil-A. My sister is turning 18 in August, and she’s never had a job. My sister and I are planning on moving out and buying a home together ASAP. Because of this, we are trying to work as much as possible to speed up the process. I’m currently in a shed with no heat or A/C, and Hannah is living in the home with roaches, animal feces, mold, and 4 people smoking on a constant basis without airing out or anything.

Hannah doesn’t have her license yet but she’s going to get it when she’s 18. (She hasn’t gotten her permit because I was working full time and my mom refused to take off work to take her, and she was in school at the time.)

I got Hannah a job at Chick-fil-A, against my moms advice, and took her to her interview. For her first day of work, I agreed to take her at 4:30, but I asked my mom if she could help for once and pick her up at closing (around 10) as I work 12 hour shifts and have to get up at 6 AM.

Our mom made a huge deal about it saying she can’t “drink and drive or be high and drive.” Our mother drinks every single night and smokes marijuana at least 3x a day. I asked her why she can’t just not drink or smoke for one night and pick up some of the slack but she talked over us and complained that “she never agreed to it and it was our idea to get her a job.”

However, we have no choice because our mother is not supplying basic essentials like food, hygiene products, clothing etc. For example I had to pay for her work clothes because my mom can’t. And this problem could be solved, but my mom chooses to spend the majority of her money on weed, cigarettes and beer and she’s also supporting our two uncles that haven’t worked in 10+ years. She’ll buy them all their weed and cigarettes but won’t ever have enough food in the house.

We live in the country and the closest gas station is 20 minutes away, Hannah works 25 minutes away, her only friend only has her permit, she doesn’t have her license yet.

This post was made because I want other people’s opinions for when our mother and I argue about it because she won’t listen and thinks WE’RE being selfish. I am tired of acting like the mother, it’s ridiculous that our own mother won’t at least help. I know if we don’t get out of here, things will only get worse. There are many worse things happening here than I have mentioned, what’s your opinion?