Infertility and ectopic pregnancy loss


Hi I’m Lauren I’m 30 yo and suffered from infertility for 8 years. Finally, after 8 long years of negative after negative tests, one night I decided to test randomly and to my shock I got my first positive ever! I was over the moon, ran to my fiancé, showed him- he didn’t believe it either- we drove out to pharmacy in a snow storm got 4 other tests came home and yep! All other 4 were positive! Next day I went to my

Obgyn and got the confirmation of my pregnancy. I couldn’t believe it. I was 8 weeks along. I went out and bought onesies just because I waited so long for this day, I was elated. A week later, it happened. Light spotting. Everyone assured me it was nothing, but I knew it was something. I went to the ER- the ultrasound found nothing and my hsg levels were way lower than that of someone at 9 weeks. Doctors said “you could be earlier than you than you expected. You could be having a miscarriage or it could be ectopic- and sent me home.” The next day the bleeding got worse- I went to a different ER closer to my home because we weren’t in a weekend getaway any longer. This ER did more intrusive testing and sent me home with an appointment to see my OB the next day for a “family planning” appointment- later id find out what a family planning appt was. Here I was told they found my baby right outside of my left ovary in my left tube and that the pregnancy was ectopic and I had to take a shot of methotrexate to terminate my long for, hoped pregnancy. 2 months of blood tests weekly to watch my hsg levels drop to make sure that the fetus was not growing to jeopardize my life- causing my tube to burst. That was a year ago and no pregnancy again. I also found out my blood is RH- meaning my body will produce antibodies against any fetus that is not RH- and will try to fight a pregnancy causing a pregnancy to end of the fetus is not RH-, so it is essential that when, and if I ever get pregnant I find out as early as possible so o can get a special shot that will stop my body from producing those antibodies. This past December I had a exploratory lAparoscopy to see if I had endometriosis. None was found, but a blockage right outside my left ovary in my left tube was (surprise! That’s where the ectopic pregnancy was) doctor can’t clear it due to the closeness it is to the ovary. Other than that my right tube is clear and there is no reason that my obgyn can see why I shouldn’t be able to get pregnant (although I havent) I’m now trying as a last resort metformin and letrozole (tried clomid about 3 years ago and no luck). This is long and hard. Sad and depressing. A lot to endure.