I need some serious freaking help PLZ

Ladies I am losing my mind - seriously at the brink of mental breakdown. I hardly sleep. It impedes my work schedule. Everything.

I get these bites about every 2 days. Mostly just one at a time. I notice them or they itch me during the day. Bites are always under areas that are constantly covered by clothing even at night. I’ve never had a bug problem. I’ve never had fleas or bed bugs. I have one outdoor cat. I don’t sleep at anyone else’s house. My husband has NO BITES WHATSOEVER.

I’ve had multiple exterminators come to look at my house over a period of 10 days. Seriously like 5-6 different exterminators coming out multiple times to check my house for bed bugs and fleas. They’ve set up traps. They find NOTHING. The traps have caught NOTHING. Not only do they find no bugs, they find no exoskeletons, no fecal matter — no trace of any bugs. But I STILL GET AT LEAST ONE BITE EVERY TWO DAYS. WTF. ITS THE MIDDLE OF WINTER.

It makes me feel disgusting and I’m tired of living with no answers. I have had a doctor look at it. He’s ruled out scabies. He just said they’re insect bites. He said he could cut them off and send them to be looked at but he said it would probably yield the same result of “insect bite”.

Does anyone, absolutely anyone, have any idea as to what the hell is going on? I’ve considered just burning my crap