London-Nicole • 🤰🏻 TTC w/ PCOS

Hey guys! Im glad to finally be part of a “hopefully active” forum with ladies that can relate to me. I’m new to this group, but I need some insight since my fiancé and are TTC.

I got my Smiley Face on Clear Blue Digital Sunday, CD 17! I used [first round] Clomid CD 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. I have PCOS and my cycles are on the longer side, about 40 days long. My doctor told me to have intercourse on CD 15, 17, and 19 cause those are the most common days for ladies who ovulate on a regular cycle... little did I know, even with an irregular period, I GOT MY POSITIVE, CD 17 I tested at approximately 8-9am, fiancé and I BD that night. We planned to do it again the next day CD 18 but my fiancé fell asleep... and although he wished I woke him up, I hate to feel like this is going to become more of a chore rather than something that’s supposed to be intimate. We plan to intercourse tonight, CD 19 [like my doctor originally planned].

My question is, Did we mess this up? Did we mess up our opportunity, because we didn’t BD the day after my positive OPK (and only the day of?) PLEASE HELP! All I do is Google myself to death looking for answers... I have my Follicle Ultrasound on Thursday CD 21.