Am I 3/4 weeks or 5/6 weeks?


So, I went to my local doc to get my levels checked at “4 weeks 0 days”, the day after my missed my period. Technically I only conceived two weeks prior to that.

My doc was concerned telling my levels were extremely low. Talking to me about miscarriage. They were 102.

I had a sonogram that Friday and my sac measured 5w1d but of course couldn’t see baby yet.

I went yesterday and my levels were 1,831. They went up over 1700. So my doc was saying how wonderful that was but is saying i’m only 3/4 weeks. I’m like but technically I’m 5/6 weeks? She said no, you couldn’t have been pregnant before you conceived. I’m like, “I know but I thought that’s how they based your due date and stuff?”

She has made me cry from worry and be confused as hell.

Technically I am 5/6 weeks, right???

My LMP was Dec. 10.

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