Why the F are tights so tight 😬


On my first business trip since finding out I was pregnant. Bought some cute maternity dresses but forgot it’s 10 degrees outside and I need tights.

Thought I’d be ok with XL and L/XL tights from Walgreens but they are still so tight! I’m 5’4”-170lbs. These tights are rated for minimums if 205 and 185 and I can’t even decide which is worse. At this point I need to wear SOMETHING tomorrow so I might just cut a hole in the belly and hope for the best 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Any advice on maternity tights sizing? I think I’ll need some of those quick!


So Cincinnati apparently hates pregnant women. I ripped my super tight tights off when I got to work. Tried to walk to Macy’s downtown since they advertise destination maternity only to find out its been closed for months. Then I tried going nearby to Saks but they don’t have a maternity department at all. My stomach felt so hard on the long walk back to work I was worried I hurt myself!

There are no maternity stores for miles 😬. And my legs were FREEZING. One more day 🤷🏻‍♀️. My maternity tights should be waiting for me when I get home at least.