long distance relationship (long post)


my bf and i have been together for a year and almost 5 months. in september, i moved from new york to north carolina and we agreed to keeping our relationship long distance. it was hard at first, and then it got easier, but it’s getting really hard again. both of us feel alone being so far apart and it’s caused some arguments. i just started at a great 4 year college but he wants to move in together eventually, and kind of soon. i told him i’m not ready to move in together and he accepted it, but he’s upset that i don’t want to move back to new york. i told him that i would come live with him over the summer and get a camp counseling job near his house, but he’s feeling lonely now because of my busy schedule and the amount of time we’ve been able to talk has been reduced. we’ve talked about the possibility of breaking up. if he’s not happy, i’m not happy. if he thinks he’ll be happier either single or seeing someone closer to him, i want what will make him feel better. on the other hand, this is my longest relationship and i love him a lot. what should we do?