Felt great before going to dr...horrible afterwards


So I was diagnosed with GD about a week and a half ago...it was simply devastating! I cried and felt so sad for a couple of days, but then I decided to inform myself and do whats best for my baby...im only 15w1d, so the diagnosis came in early

So I really didnt change my diet because I usually dont eat many carbs...actually prior to becoming pregnant I had had my yearly physical, in which they measured my glucose and it came back normal...less than 100. Within a month, I got pregnant. My mom has diabetes, so I am at high risk.

Anyway, Ive been measuring my glucose, where after meals my levels are anywhere from 99-110...normal...fasting 85-100 (dr prefers under 100, so I am working on that). So based on my numbers I felt great...the nurses were impressed by my numbers as well. When the dr came in she said I was able to control my levels so no meds were needed at this time. She was going to refer me somewhere else to keep a closer look, but since numbers looked great, she said she wouldnt. As I asked more and more Qs though, I just kept getting all the negatives of GD. She told me all the complications I can have during birth or the worst, that it could be a stillbirth. I know its reality, but this is basically what stuck with me...now Im stressing about all these complications and feel I am back to square 1 - feeling devastated and hopeless....I had hoped to become pregnant for a long time, but feel I cant enjoy it with all of these complications šŸ˜ž at the end she decided to refer me to the other dr she was hesitating about just so we could make sure everything was okay...She thought i had diabetes prior to me getting pregnant but when I told her about my physical and glucose level prepregnancy, she looked confused...Im not obese or anything and try to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle...anyone else going through this??