Am i just being dramatic?


I went to my best friend house today and I lifted my house to show her my "bump" and told her how excited I was that I'm showing so fast because with my first baby I went in to deliver him looking like I was only 6 months pregnant. I want a huge bump. She dead ass said "shut up. You're only like two weeks pregnant" I'm 5 weeks. She said the baby isn't even a baby yet so there's no way I could show already. She has two kids. She should know that the uterus grows first. When I told her I showed early with the first she said "yeah well you're not nearly as small as you were when you got pregnant the first time" 😯 am I being dramatic by being offended?


Thanks for everyone's input. This isn't the first time she's acted this way. After this conversation she proceeded to light a cigarette in the house and blow the smoke in my face. I understand fully that I might not be everyone's definition of "showing" but she was so fast to tear me down. Also here's a comparison of me before my first and at 4 weeks when I first found out.