One story ends so another can begin.


Two years ago TODAY I lost my Dad to cancer.

My husband and I got married a year and a half ago.

We were told his Grandfather wasn’t likely going to be able to attend our wedding because he was sick and we weren’t sure if he’d make it- he did.

We tried to conceive for a year and a half.. no luck.

The beginning of this month, we lost my Husband’s Grandfather, almost to the date of my Dad’s two year anniversary of being gone. This past Saturday we had his funeral services.

Today, on this saddening day I had a feeling to take a test when I got home- things just haven’t felt right.

After trying for so long to conceive and getting our hopes up I have just given up on testing for fear of a BFN. Something made me today.

And, so I did.

I’m in complete and utter shock and excitement.

I couldn’t even wait to tell my husband.

We shared such an intimate moment tonight.

With tears in his eyes he said “It’s crazy that life has just come full circle. One story ends, so another can begin.”

He couldn’t have said anything better. ❤️

A day that hasn’t been exciting for the last two years, has just turned into one of the most amazing days of my life. I cannot help but believe this is also my Dad telling me that everything is just fine.