What do the faint lines on ovulation strips mean?

Okay so it may be a dumb question but that’s why I’ll post anonymously lol 😆

So when you use ovulation test strips and you get the faint lines that work up to a dark one , can you conceive during the faint lines? Or just when you get the dark line? Is there some kind of percentage where you can get pregnant ?

Also, when you take the clear lie digital ovulation test and you reach “high ovulation” blinking face but you don’t reach peak , do you still have a chance of getting pregnant ?

I keep getting faint lines and flashing faces but no dark lines and no peak ovulation. I’ve only tested for a month. I am 4 months PP so I haven’t had a period. Do I still have a chance of getting preggers with the faint lines or high ovulation? Like is there at least a small percentage amount that I can get prego?

Asking for a friend 😂