My husband sleeps so damn much 😒

Lately it’s been annoying me, probably cause I’m pregnant and irritable, but MANNNN this man can sleep for days if he wanted to. Granted, he wakes up at 5:30a to go to work everyday, but as soon as he comes home he wants to nap. I don’t blame him. But even after the nap, which we plan for maybe 1.5-2 hours, he always snoozes and ends up waking up 3 hours later. We eat dinner, he goes on his phone or plays video games, shower, then BAM falls asleep again right after. I keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, saying oh maybe he’s just tying to get all the rest he can now before our son comes... but it’s just annoying when I’m trying to spend QT with him but he’d rather sleep or be on his phone or playing video games. I expressed my frustration with him but nothing has changed. Thankfully, I’m going to be 40 weeks this week so baby is comin REAL soon and things will change for the better.