Incompetent cervix & secondary infertility positive stories


I would love to hear some positive stories

If anyone had similar story as mine and ended with a baby in her arms, plz i need to hear ir story

I got pregnant so easily back in 2014, was an ectopic, then got pregnant again so easily at the end of 2015 but mc, after that started trying since February 2016.. with no result...went to fertility clinic, tried all types of treatments, meds, <a href="">iui</a>, <a href="">ivf</a>, and failed... got pregnant (chemical) after one of the <a href="">ivf</a> at the end of 2017... 2 years of treatment and no result

Around april 2018, i decided to take break and take care of myself, and started exercising and eating healthy in may, july i found out im pregnant! Shock ! We weren't even trying,,very busy,,, we don't see eachother that much !

Diagnosed with incompetent cervix at 19 weeks, got rescue cerclage and im already on progesterone since first day

2 days before new year, i had my micro preemie baby and he passed away a day later

Looking back to my story, im afraid from the future,, would i get pregnant again when i start trying? Would i face same story again in preterm delivery?

I really don't know what to think or what to do,,, so depressed and lost myself the day my baby passed away

Hoping to hear some positive stories from u ladies 🌷 it might give me hope