Mother in law 😡

Victoria • 👧🏼🧒🏼🤰🏻

It’s kinda long & I am sorry. I just need to vent. Please don’t bash.

My husband and I have been together for 7 years, married for almost 5 months. We have two kids (2 & 5) and one on the way very soon.

We got into a financial problem and my husbands mom let us move in with her until he get back on our feet. He works constantly but I stay at home because we cant afford to take my son to daycare.

It’s been about a three since we moved in with her and it’s been hell. I can’t stand it. Every time she’s home, I either have my son up stairs with me or I try to avoid her. I am so thankful that she let us move in. She knows how thankful I am of her.

She has a dog and she excepts us to do everything for him. We have our own puppy to worry about. Her dog pees on everything of ours. He even peed on my daughters school bag. he marks everything. He’ll go into our room and mark our clothing, shoes, just about everything you can think off. (Before we moved in, she would leave him home alone for 12-16 hours a day because of work) I take him outside for him to do his business but she can’t do the same for our puppy when we’re not home and she is. She won’t even feed our puppy when his food bowl is empty. I take care of her dog more than she does and it’s frustrating. Her dog isn’t my responsibility. I already have a puppy to attend too and a 2 year old, 5 years old and down to be newborn. She has this dog so spoiled that he has to walk for 45-50 minutes every time you take him to the bathroom. I honestly don’t have time for that. My puppy takes 10 minutes and that’s it.

My husband and I would make dinner and we would leave her a plate for when she comes home. 99% of the time she throws it away and then bitches about that no one cares about her. She would bitch and moan about how much she hates her life & whatnot. She would call herself fat in front of my kids and she’ll talk down about herself in front of them too. It’s drives me insane because they don’t need to hear that.

She doesn’t listen to anything we have to say when it comes to the kids. Our daughter is 5 and she sneaks into her grandmothers room mostly every night and we tell her no. His mother lets her get away with it and hides it. She doesn’t know that we know most of the time. She sneaks them junk food all the time and there’s certain things they can’t have, & she still gives it to them. My daughter isn’t about to have gummies because of her teeth but she still sneaks them to her. When we try and punish our kids, she’ll come in and babies them. I just don’t know what to do. I am so lost.

She recently reconnected with this guy. I mean years of not talking. She came home one night and told my husband and I all about him. All she could say is that he’s “rich.” He has 32 McDonalds and 4 hotels. All she talks about is his money & his beach houses.... etc I am so happy that she found someone who makes her happy but I am so tired about hearing about his money. I personally don’t care about his money as long as he treats her right, I’m good with him. Monday she went to stay the night at his beach house and didn’t come home until Tuesday night. (Yesterday) she got home and I notice a ring on her finger. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to say anything because it’s not my business. Well, she said something. She looked at my SO and I and said guess how much this ring was. Her son ignored her & I said i don’t know. She said it cost $5,500 & it was just a promise ring. I said “wow” and that’s it. She said he told her that she’ll get the real thing when the time is right. She was going on and on about it. I just don’t want to hear about it anymore because I am tired of hearing about his money. I just want to tell her to stop talking about it because I don’t care. I only care if he treats her right and if she had a great time. I, personally don’t care about money or how much things cost. I am not about money. I am about family, happiness, and everything in between.

Am I overreacting with anything? If so, explain but please don’t be rude. Thank you.