So disappointed 😭 when will it be my turn?!

Naomi • 💖 mummy to a beautiful little girl

I don’t think I can take the heart break anymore,

I was due my period 2 days ago, I thought yes it didn’t show. I’ll wait to test, and today brown spotting like I usually do before AF. It was my 2nd month taking Vitex, it has regulated my cycle from 48days to 34 days. But all I want is my bfp not another menstrual cycle 😭

My temps over the past 3 days have been so high! I don’t understand

13th - 36.85

14th 36.84

15th - 36.90

16th 36.98

Why is it not working for us? I hurts so much when I see my friends happy and all going out on play dates or are expecting, and I can’t even conceive :(