I need your guys opinion


I’m 39+5 weeks pregnant, I’m have random contractions, losing pieces of my mucus plug (since last Friday), cramping, back pain, and really bad vaginal pain. The vaginal pain is so bad I can barely sit on the toilet or on a chair.

I dont know wether I should go in? Or call?

I’m just tired of going in and them sending me home.

Update: This all started at 9:40am, ended up going in cause my contractions were every 2 min apart and lasting over a 1 min long. I get there at 11:20am, They monitor me and check me and I’m at 2cm so they send me walking around the hospital for two hours (at 1:20pm) and I’m still having long, consistent contractions. So I go back up to L&D (at 3:30pm) for them to check me again because I have to be 4cm to be admitted. So they come back and check me (at 5pm), the nurse tells me I’m still at 2cm but I’m a “stretchy” 2cm. In my head I’m beyond frustrated because the some contractions get so unbearable because of my hips that I at least thought something was changing.. anyway they release me and I go home. The doc tells me to just take Tylenol PM and sleep through everything and maybe something will happen in the morning. Welp I end up finally falling asleep at 8pm because the contractions eased up and now I just woke up with mild small inconsistent contractions again.

I have an doctors appt today so... I don’t know I’m just frustrated. I’ve been in and out of L&D a lot and it just still isn’t time. Wish me blessings x