Bringing labor naturally/ Birth story

sky • ♥️👶🏽

So I am here sitting with my baby who was born o. The 9th and was due on the 26th super healthy baby and fast delivery. Didn’t have any complications during the pregnancy either, and he was head down since 30 weeks. That said, I was done being pregnant and thought it go on forever, so before my birthday on the 28th of December I lost my mucus plug and thought (it could be anytime soon) but read that it could be weeks still. So I did some research.

Told my SO we needed to have sex for baby to come soon, so he was on board anytime I wanted it,

had sex for at least 3 days consecutively.

Took at least 2 warm baths a day morning/night.

Drank a lot of water while all of this.

Bounced on the ball and did some exercises with it for at least 45min/to and hour everyday.

And last, I did this exercise I found on YouTube that I’m pretty sure helped a lot too. (If you want to know I’ll post the link to it)

Did al of this and had sex two times the night on the 8th of January, and my water broke at 5 am on the 9th. Went to the ER they checked me and confirmed it was my water, contractions weren’t so bad at that point and I was only 1cm D, Got an epidural at about 7 (got lucky the anesthesiologist was there) and they started pitocin at about 10 with 4, and I only went from 1 to 3 but I kept asking them to check me because I was feeling pressure, they doubled the pitocin at about 11:30. I was moaning and my SO lift my sheets and said there was blood coming so he called the nurse and she checked me and said I was 10 so they called the doctor and shut off the pitocin and told me not to push. Doctor got there and my little man was born after 3 sets of pushes. So blessed. He’s so healthy