Advice please?! When do you think I Od?

Sarah • Hailey Jean 11/1/19💗🌈 God is good 🙌🏻

I decided not to track with opks this cycle and instead, hubby and I bd every other day throughout the past couple weeks.

My cycles have been a little unpredictable since my mmc in July.

Here’s the breakdown...

1/4- light ewcm and dull cramping

1/5- light ewcm

1/6- light ewcm

1/7- Med ewcm

1/8- heavy ewcm (clear, stretchy)

1/9- heavy ewcm (clear stretchy) , moderate cramping

1/10- light-med ewcm/watery alternating. Moderate cramping.

1/11-11/12watery/creamy cm.

11/13- red spotting when wiped once during the day and tiny spots on undies. No cm just watery when I checked in the am. Moderate Cramping on and off and nauseas.

11/14-16-cramps on and off but very mild. Watery/light creamy cm. Nausea on and off sore boobs.

Insights ?! Glo just says I O’d the 9th but it wasn’t proven through anything but they’re algorithm so I don’t know if I wanna go off that.