I wanted to get another ultrasound to make sure bubs is actually growing, probably be just over reacting but I got one done at 6 weeks and I won’t be getting another until 11-12 weeks and I wanted to get one at 8 weeks to settle my worries alittle but will hold out if that’s the best option... so unsure of what to do, this is my first pregnancy and I’m just worrying over everything, I’m afriad I’ll get to the 11-12 week ultrasound and it had stopped growing 😔 maybe I’m reading to many stories/others experiences but it’s stressing me so much...

Should I get another at 8 weeks?, is anyone else getting a second ultrasound in the first trimester besides the 12 week one? Is there a specific reason why you are?

Edit: I haven’t been reading bad stories on purpose, just the posts that are on here and on Mum groups on fb... not searching for them, they are just there. Should I remove myself from these groups/this app for awhile?