Rock and play transition to pack and play.


Ladies I need some advice.

My little guy has been sleeping in a rock and play since the 1st week he was home. He hated sleeping on his back, we took him to a chiropractor and was able to fix the problem. He slept so well in it though we never moved him. Now he is outgrowing it and we have been trying to get him into it at night. We tried 2 nights last weekend and he wouldn't sleep for more than 1-2hrs at a time. He would wake up almost screaming. The second night I did put a towel under the mattress to give it a bit of an incline as I thought maybe that was the problem, it didn't make a difference. I need some advice from other moms on how they got them transitioned and what tricks worked and didn't work.

Thanks ladies, we want to try again this weekend but it is giving me anxiety just thinking about it.