So my baby had his 2 month vaccines, I wasn’t warned about the amount of pain he would be in, hours, after, the shots 😢.. about five hours after the shots he woke up screaming in pain... scared me so bad, never heard him cry like that before... I ran to give him Tylenol, as advised by the pediatrician... took 25 minutes for him to stop crying in pain.. I noticed he would scream every time he unknowingly lifted his legs, leaving my step son to gently hold his legs steady and downward with a warm compress; as I nervously called the advice center...didn’t know what to do, or how to get him to stop crying.. 30 minutes later, Tylenol must have kicked in and he finally calmed down. Guess I know for next time, I will be giving him Tylenol right after his shots... my poor baby 😢😢😢 his reaction to the pain in his legs seemed extreme; I guess every baby is different Bc no one I know has ever had this happen to their little one, which Is why I didn’t give him Tylenol ahead of time 😓😢